A Guide to Cleaning the Bottom of Your Pool

by | Mar 30, 2024 | Pool Care

When you have a pool, you know you have to keep the water clean, but you also have to pay special attention to the bottom of your pool. It can get just as dirty, if not dirtier than your water. That’s why cleaning the bottom of your pool should be part of your pool cleaning routine.

Let’s take a look at just what that entails and why you’ll want to hire a pool cleaning company to get the job done.

What Does Cleaning the Bottom of Your Pool Entail?

Since everything is floating around the water of your pool, some sediment and dirt are eventually going to sink to the bottom. It’s pretty much inevitable. While your filter may be able to suck up some of the debris, other debris is going to get stuck on there.

To get the dirt off the bottom of your pool, you’re going to want to use a special pool vacuum. Many times this involves first removing the standard filter hose from the filter pump. Then you would have to close the outlet valve so that the water doesn’t get out. From there, you would attach the cleaning head to the hose and connect the hose to the filter.

Depending on the vacuum set-up, there are telescopic poles that can be used to help you reach farther on the pool floor. You’ll want to move the suction hose back and forth quite a few times to make sure you are loosening all the dirt. Try not to stir water while you’re scrubbing. This will make the water cloudy and make it hard for you to see as you’re cleaning.

If the bottom of your pool is extremely dirty, you’ll want to backwash the filter. This will allow the water to get cleaner and will make the process easier. One thing you don’t want to do is use extra chemicals to try to get the bottom of your pool clean. This is not going to work and will only make problems worse. It may also disturb the pH balance which can be annoying to re-balance.

Brushing the Floor of Your Pool

Besides vacuuming, it’s also important to brush the floor of your pool. When cleaning the bottom of your pool. You can use the telescopic pole to brush the pool. Just attach it on the end and get brushing. Brushing the pool can remove dirt, and detach algae.

When buying a brush, make sure you get the right one for your pool type. The finish of your pool will determine what type of brush you get.

If you have unpainted concrete, you’ll want to use a brush with both stainless steel and nylon bristles. For gunite pool floors, use a brush with stainless steel bristles. For fiberglass, vinyl, or painted concrete, use a brush with nylon bristles only. Whichever type of brush you buy, be sure to buy a heavy-duty brush. You’ll be using it quite frequently and want to make sure you have a high-quality brush to handle your cleaning.

You’ll want to brush your pool at least twice a week so that the algae doesn’t get too stuck on the pool floor. This will loosen it and allow it to be filtered out.

What Happens When You Don’t Clean the Bottom of Your Pool?

If you don’t clean the bottom of your pool, you’re just setting yourself up for problems. It will not only deteriorate your pool but will cause unnecessary wear and tear. Plus, you run the risk of shortening the life of your pool’s pump, filter, and other pieces of equipment.

Plus, having a dirty pool can also increase the risk of health problems. When you ignore your pool’s maintenance, bacteria can grow, which can lead to illness.

Call Lone Star Pool Services to Clean Your Pool

Vacuuming and brushing your pool is hard work. It takes a lot of your free time away from doing things you truly enjoy. That’s why people call Lone Star Pool Services. We’ll help schedule your weekly pool service for cleaning the bottom of your pool and the rest, too. We work with our clients to determine what types of services need to be done each week and which ones can be done less often.

We have a plan that includes the following:

Chemical Analysis & Maintenance

  1. pH
  2. Chlorine
  3. Calcium Hardness
  4. Cyanuric Acid
  5. Salt content on saltwater pool
  6. Alkalinity
  7. Phosphates

Pool Equipment Maintenance and Service Reporting

  1. Check and empty pump baskets
  2. Monitor filter pressure
  3. Check and clean pool sweep wall screen
  4. Inspect and empty skimmer baskets
  5. Pool sweep debris bags checked and emptied
  6. Clean salt cell as needed
  7. Pool sweep operation checked
  8. Backwash DE and sand filters as needed
  9. Calibrate salt system as needed
  10. Visual inspection of equipment and reporting of significant issues
  11. Monitor and maintain valve orientation for circulation adjustments
  12. Weekly email notification and photographs

Pool Cleaning

  1. Net debris
  2. Brush
  3. Clean spa
  4. Vacuum as needed

Who wants to take care of this long list of pool maintenance needs? This is why so many pool  owners leave the weekly pool service to us.

Lone Star Pool Services is a professional and cost-effective pool cleaning and maintenance service operating in Houston, Katy, Copperfield, Cypress, Tomball and surrounding areas. If you are located in the area, get in touch with them for a free estimate by calling (832) 928-3017.