Spring Cleaning Your Pool: What Every Pool Owner Should Know About Pool Service in Cypress

by | Mar 26, 2024 | Pool Service Cypress

It’s that time of year again when we are looking at tackling those big cleaning projects around the house.  Don’t forget about the pool, as it’s an area that requires careful attention to ensure safety and enjoyment all year around.

A swimming pool is a fun and refreshing way to enjoy the outdoors without leaving your home, however, they come with great responsibilities when it comes to keeping them clean and inviting.  Pools must be kept clean and in proper working order.  Any dirt, leaves, bugs and other debris should be removed on a daily basis to prevent blockage of drains and filters.

To prevent unsightly algae from growing in your pool and turning the water green, a pool service in Cypress may add an algae inhibitor to the water.  This can also reduce the chance of the surfaces becoming overly slippery, as algae can instantly make any surface extremely dangerous and slippery to swimmers.

A pool service may also add stabilizers to the water that extend the life of the chlorine and make it more effective.  They can show you how to monitor the chlorine level and the water’s pH to ensure that everything stays at a safe level for swimmers.

When scheduling a pool service visit, ask the technicians if they can provide you with some basic instruction on maintaining your pool in between service appointments and inspections.  A good company who knows what they are doing won’t have a problem with answering a few questions and providing helpful information to help keep your pool looking great, all year long.

By following some useful guidelines and maintaining care of your pool through regular service appointments, you won’t have to worry about whether you are correctly caring for your pool or not.  You can rest assured that you pool will be ready when you are, free of germs and structural defects.