Swimming Pool Remodeling Tips to Give Your Curb Appeal a Massive Boost

by | Nov 13, 2023 | Blog

Have you ever looked at those Hollywood mansions with exotic pools and wished for a similar look? We have all been there! There are many ways you can remodel your current pool to add that “wow” factor and make it a perfect spot for pool parties.

Take a look at these swimming pool remodeling tips by our pool maintenance experts to get started:

1/ Add Glow-in-the-Dark Tiles

Swim with the stars by adding glow-in-the-dark pool tiles that are now widely available. These tiles are a sight to behold when you turn off the lights. They also serve as unique pool lights that look like glowing stars in the dark. You can choose from various patterns.

2/ Add Plants Around the Pool

Plants add a natural touch to your swimming pool and make it a relaxing space to be in. Surround your pool with natural plants to replicate those exotic Bali pools built in the middle of forests. You can hire landscaping experts to create a beautiful design in your pool area.

3/ Go All Out with An Infinity Pool

Have you seen those edgeless pools that look really fancy? Turns out, you can get them on your property too! If you are remodeling your pool area, you should consider installing an infinity pool that looks and feels super cool to swim in.

4/ Upgrade Your Pool Fencing

A quick and easy way to uplift the entire look of your pool is by simply upgrading your fencing.  If you have an outdated pool fence, it will make your pool area look old and worn out. Upgrade your pool fencing by installing those transparent glass fences and improve its safety and overall appeal.

According to our pool experts, these are a few swimming pool remodeling tips that you can try to instantly boost the aesthetic appeal of your pool and make it look contemporary. Get in touch with a pool maintenance company to plan a pool remodeling project.

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