When do I Need to Call a Swimming Pool Repair Service?

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Pool Care, Pool Repair

While there are plenty of maintenance issues to take care of when you own a swimming pool, there are also times when your pool needs more than just routine maintenance. You may need swimming pool repair service over the lifetime of your pool. Some situations are due to normal wear and tear while others are because of a specific event. Let’s take a look at when you may need to call for swimming pool repair service.

Pool leaks & Plumbing leaks

If the leak in your pool is significant, you should notice it. When you do, call the professionals at Lone Star Pool Services as soon as possible to fix the leak. While some people may tell you that you can take this on as a “DIY” project, you really don’t want to do that. Sometimes the source of the leak is more difficult to find and requires a professional. People tend to try to do it themselves to save money. But, they may cause more problems and end up costing more money than if they called a professional in the first place.

There may also be leaks in the plumbing leading to your pool. Depending on where the leak is, extensive digging may be required to fix the problem. In some cases, the pool plumbing must be completely replaced. As you can imagine, that can get extremely expensive. When you call us, our technicians will explain the complexity of the problem and give you an estimate before any work is done.

Pump Problems

Problems with the pool pump can leave your pool water dirty and can invite bacteria and algae. When air starts getting into the system, it becomes difficult for the pump to move water. When the pump is working, but not moving water, the water isn’t getting filtered the way it should. If this is happening, the pump can overheat and possibly burn. Depending on the type of pump you have, the cost to replace the actual pump can range anywhere between $150 and 800 dollars and up. You should never try to fix your pool pump on your own. There is electricity involved which can lead to a dangerous situation when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Pool Filter Issues

Changing and cleaning your pool’s filter falls under routine maintenance. But, sometimes your filter may need more attention. This is when you may need to call for swimming pool repair service. You don’t want to go long without a working pool filter because this can leave your pool with dirty water and possible algae and bacteria problems.

Pool Heater Problems

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool heater then you want it to work properly. There may be times when it’s not working up to its fullest potential and needs to be repaired. If you call a professional, you may be able to get refurbished parts or a completely refurbished system, depending on what needs to be fixed. Repairs can start in the $400 range to fix parts and go all the way up to $2,000 for a complete heater (refurbished). If that heater is brand new, the cost can practically double.

Problems with the Salt Filter or Chlorinator

All pools need a source of sanitation. Some people choose a salt filter while others choose a chlorinator. You may need to call for swimming pool repair service if you notice either system is not functioning.

The most common salt systems issues include:

  • Consistent chlorine reading of zero
  • Inaccurate salt readings on display
  • Dirty salt cell
  • Malfunctioning salt cell or salt system control panel
  • Leaking at salt cell plumbing

While you may not be able to detect these problems, a professional can. When you call a technician from Lone Star Pool Services, they’ll inspect your system to determine the problem.

If you have a chlorinator, the most common issues include:

  • Leaking chlorinator at lid or plumbing
  • Chlorinator lid stuck
  • Consistent chlorine reading of zero
  • Chlorine tablets not dissolving

These are also issues that Lone Star Pool Services can help you with as well.

Pool & Spa Light Problems

While pool and spa lights may make swimming at night fun, it’s no fun when those lights go dark.

The most common issues with pool and spa lights include:

  • Pool or spa lights not turning on
  • Color lights not changing color
  • Pool or spa light fixture full of water
  • Pool or spa light hanging out of wall

When you call for swimming pool repair service you have peace of mind that these issues are being addressed properly.

Timers & Controls

Many people’s pool equipment is connected to time clocks and controls. When they don’t work, equipment is not being turned on and off properly which could damage your equipment or make your pool turn green. It’s best to get these issues taken care of as soon as possible.

Common issues with pool timers and controls include:

  • Pool timer consistently displays the wrong time
  • Pool timer not automatically turning on/off pool equipment at scheduled time
  • Some pool equipment randomly turning on/off
  • Pool timer freeze protection not automatically turning pool on during a freeze
  • Unable to control pool with PDA or smart device

These are just some of the situations when you will want to call for swimming pool repair service. If you suspect other pieces of equipment are not working properly, it’s always best to call a professional to have it checked out.

Call Us for Swimming Pool Repair Service

When it comes to common swimming pool repairs, you need a company you can trust to get the job done right. Lone Star Pool Services has factory-trained and licensed professionals on hand for all of your pool repairs.

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