How to Winterize Your Pool to Avoid Pool Repairs

by | Dec 6, 2023 | Pool Care

When you own a pool there are a lot of things to take care of. From weekly cleaning to managing the water level and chemicals, taking care of a pool takes a lot of work. At the end of the season, you also need to winterize your pool to avoid any pool problems and pool repair.

If you’re not sure where to start or if you’re in the middle of the process and aren’t sure if you’ve done everything, let’s take a look at this checklist to make sure you’re on track.

Check the Water Chemistry & Balance it if Needed

You want to make sure that a week or so before closing the pool you adjust your water balance. The pH should be in the range of 7.2-7.4, alkalinity at 80-120ppm, and calcium hardness anywhere from 180-220ppm.

Another thing on your list should be to shock the pool using at least 2 pounds per 10,000 gallons of water. If you’re going to add any winter algaecide, let the chlorine level return to 1.0-3.0ppm. You don’t want to add algaecide at the same time as chlorine shock, especially right before covering it.

Remove Skimmers, Baskets, Cleaners, and Ladders from the Pool

All of these items need to be taken out of the pool before you close it for the winter. As you’re putting things away, coil the pool cleaner hoses loosely. You will also want to make sure that all hoses and cleaners are completely drained of any water.

Clean the Pool

When closing your pool, you want to make sure it is as clean as possible. This means skimming, vacuuming, and even brushing the walls to get rid of any algae. Before putting the cover on, give it a final skimming. If possible, also do some extra filtering a few days before you close it to get it clean.

Lower the Water Level

The water level needs to be lowered before the pool is covered. If your pool has a separate main drain, close off the skimmers and drain any waste. If you have a cartridge filters with no main drain, use a submersible pump to lower the water level.

All Pool Equipment Must be Drained to Avoid Pool Repair

Any equipment you take out of the pool must be drained. This includes pumps and filters. If you neglect this step, your pool equipment may freeze and crack. This may lead to costly pool repairs that could have been avoided by simply draining out the water.

Also, make sure drain plugs are still removed during the winter to avoid any problems. Many people store the drain plugs in the pump basket so they don’t lose them.

Winterize All Pool Plumbing

All water should be cleared from plumbing lines of in-ground pools. If you have an above ground pool, disconnect the hoses to and from the pump filter, and plug the wall outlets. Forgetting this step can also lead to unnecessary pool repairs.

Add Winterizing Algaecide

When you add algaecide be sure to walk it around the pool so that it gets in all areas. Algaecide and chemical floaters are the most common things people use to winterize their pool. Some people also add more algaecide or floaters in mid-spring so that they don’t have a green pool when they open it.

Look for Loose Limbs

Besides taking care of the inside of the pool, you also want to take care of the area around the pool. This means looking for limbs and other debris that could fall and lead to costly pool repairs.

Look to see if any trees need to be cut back and if there are any limbs hanging over the pool. If so, cut them back so they don’t cause any problems. You’ll also want to see if there are any heavy toys or other equipment near the pool that could cause damage. If so, remove them and secure them properly.

Cover the Pool

When you cover your pool you want to make sure the pool cover is as tight as possible. There should be no holes or gaps. If there is, leaves and other debris may get in leading to problems that may force you to make pool repairs. If you have an above ground pool, you may want to use air pillows to absorb any ice expansion inside the pool. A leaf net can also come in handy if your pool is around a lot of trees.

Pool Repair with Lone Star Pool Services

Even when you take all of the proper steps to winterize your pool, pool repairs may sometimes be inevitable. If you find that you need of pool repair, Lone Star Pool Services can help. Our experienced team of technicians can fix many problems including:

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