What Happens if You Don’t Winterize Your Pool

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Pool Care

When you own a pool, you know there are a lot of things that need to be done to get it ready for the swimming season. But, there are also things you need to do to get it ready for the off-season. The process of winter pool service is extremely important and one that should not be ignored. Even if you maintain your pool regularly, you can’t skip out on winterizing your pool. It can lead to many problems that will cost you much more than the process of winterizing your pool.

What Might Happen if You Skip Winter Pool Service

Here’s a look at what could happen if you don’t winterize your pool:

Your Pool Could Crack

If you’ve spent the money on installing an in-ground pool and maintaining it while it’s in use, you want to take just as good care of it when it’s not being used. If you don’t, you could experience cracks. Surface cracks are very common in pools that don’t get winterized. Harsh conditions can lead to cracks as well as any water that is left inside the pool. That water will likely freeze and could lead to surface cracks.

Increased Electricity Costs

If you don’t winterize your pool and close it for the season, you have to keep the pumps running so no water freezes. This means you need to keep the electricity running. This expense can add up in the winter and is an unneeded one. You can simply solve this problem by winterizing your pool, draining all pipes and disconnecting any that need to be disconnected. You’ll save money and reduce wear and tear on your pool.

Algae Infestation

Running chlorine systems keep pool water clean and algae free. If you’re not keeping up with the chlorine because no one is swimming in the pool, expect algae to visit and wreak havoc on your pool.

Not only will your pool turn an unsightly shade of green, but it may also cause your pool to breed bacteria. When people don’t winterize their pool and algae forms, they usually have to drain the pool at the start of the new season, clean it, and refill it. This is not only a time-consuming process but a costly one. The easy solution is to properly winterize your pool and avoid these problems. If you don’t, you may need extensive pool service once swimming season starts up again.

Pump Damage & Heater Damage

Cold weather and ice can damage the pool’s pump. This can lead to you spending hundreds of dollars to replace it or its parts. Fixing damage to your pool heater can be just as costly.

If you have a pool heater you should know that it’s one of the first pieces of equipment to snap during a freeze. This is especially true if your heater is made out of cast iron or polymer.

Filter Damage

Did you know that your pool filter tank can handle enormous amounts of pressure? Many can take up to 50 psi. But, expanding ice can put even more pressure on your filter…pressure that it can’t handle. When this happens, the tank can crack or the clamp ring on the cartridge or filters will crack. Either case is one you don’t want to deal with and ones that can be avoided by simply winterizing your pool.

Deck Damage

You not only have to worry about damage to your pool if you don’t winterize it, but there is also potential damage that can be done to your deck. If you have an in-ground pool, all of the pipes are under the concrete deck. If these pipes freeze and crack, they could cause damage to your pool deck. Properly taking care of your pool before the season ends can help you to avoid this problem.

Objects Can Fall into Your Pool

One of the big things about winterizing your pool is covering it. A secure cover will not only keep out unwanted animals, but it will also help keep out dangerous objects. When a storm hits, tree limbs fall off easily and can fly into your pool causing damage. A pool cover can help to avoid this from happening. When you get your pool cover, be sure it is big enough to cover the entire pool and is securely fastened. You don’t want it blowing away or ripping off. It’s a step that doesn’t take a long, but one that goes a long way.

Winter Pool Service with Lone Star Pool Services & Maintenance

At Lone Star Pool Services, we know the importance of winterizing your pool, but we also know the importance of regular pool service. After you winterize your pool and start thinking about maintenance for the upcoming season, think Lone Star Pool Services.

We offer a variety of service plans to fit your needs. Our service plans include water testing, water balancing, vacuuming, and checking for any cracks or other issues. If you notice your pool needs repair after the winter, we can help with that too. Our experienced team of technicians can repair many pool problems so that your pool will be ready for the next season.